Change one thing; change everything.

OPTIK INSTRUMENTS is a company driven by a slow-living culture; a way of life that puts objectivity and awareness of time at the forefront. Although it might sound pretentious, we are all prisoners of our own time. We get caught up in how much time we’ve wasted, or have left. We are governed by the universal constant of time. To try and appreciate the day as a whole, and have it presented it in a manner that can be easily referenced; the hope is the ownership of your time will become easier.

The HORIZON is the first design from OPTIK INSTRUMENTS and uses a singular disc method for presenting the day, all 24 hours, in full. The disc revolves around 360 degrees in 24 hours and, with a small reference line, indicates the current position of the wearer within the current day. By seeing a point in the overall trajectory of the day, there’s a higher awareness and objectivity. The HORIZON doesn’t display the time second by second, or even minute by minute. Instead it shows the main waypoints in each hour; quarter past, half-past and quarter to the hour. We already use the terminology to convey the time to others, such as “it’s just gone half-past” or “it’s almost mid-day.” OPTIK INSTRUMENTS translates this shorthand method to a wristwatch.

The design of the HORIZON revolves around simplicity. A flawless unibody case - one piece. One crown. One disc. One reference line. One point in the day. The overall package is simple. The HORIZON is bilateral; it can be worn on the left or right wrist with either the crown on the left or right side of the case. Suitable for any preference. The sapphire domed crystal offers ultimate legibility and robustness. A 100m water rating means you need never take the HORIZON off for showering, swimming or snorkeling. The hard-wearing, flexible, supple silicone strap molds around any wrist shape. The ocean-rolled pebble form of the case feels beautiful against the skin and remains unobtrusive to the point of invisibility.

Powering the HORIZON is a Swiss movement that has been tried and tested for years. OPTIK INSTRUMENTS might be using this movement in a new and exciting way, but that doesn’t detract from the reliability and longevity of the Ronda 515.24 powering the HORIZON. We have tested it thoroughly to make sure that our proprietary disc design doesn’t detract from the manufacturers specifications in amplitude or duration. As such we have seen a return of 42 months battery life, and an accuracy of just under 5 seconds per month. You might not see each second, but you know that the time displayed is always going to be correct. The movement also offers 2 stages of time-setting; a quick-set hour jump, if you need to advance the time-zone significantly, with a more refined time setting function thereafter.

The disc design is something of a triumph for OPTIK INSTRUMENTS. Months of design work and prototyping have seen many iterations of disc designs. Technical and physical challenges have been met and surpassed to arrive at a solution that is simple and effective. A composite disc that accepts traditional watch printing methods, is made to withstand the rigours of daily life as well as any fluctuating environmental conditions. From afar there is no doubting it is an OPTIK INSTRUMENT - the split colour design is instantly identifiable; there’s nothing out there like it. Over longer periods of time you become accustomed to the horizon line and its angle and relative position throughout the day; there will come a point where the time can be estimated just by where the horizon line angle currently rests.

Concept watches typically offer conceptual ways to present the time. The HORIZON is a watch with the simple aim of presenting the time as we convey it to others;

simply, broadly and effectively.