What is the time?

The HORIZON doesn’t display the time second by second, or even minute by minute. Instead it shows the main waypoints in each hour; quarter-past, half-past and quarter-to the hour. We already use the terminology to convey the time to others, such as “it’s just gone half-past” or “it’s almost midday.”

OPTIK INSTRUMENTS translates this shorthand method to a wristwatch.

The more you think about it, the more you realise how everything around you is cyclical. From the big stuff like the earth spinning, seasons and the circle of life. Down to the smaller stuff like your washing machine or the wheels on your bike. Circles are strong, resilient. A circle represents the most efficient way to do many things. It has significance spiritually, a sign of infinity and togetherness - the circle of trust.

The HORIZON is immediately relatable - you understand how it works because it moves in a way you understand - the earth rotates giving us our universal time reference. The HORIZON rotates giving you your own time reference. Simple. Intuitive.

The HORIZON is quite striking to look at. It appears counter-intuitive. However, with one sentence, the disc and method is immediately understood and what's more, engaging and simple.

The central disc rotates once in 24 hours; the time is referenced at the red line. 

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. What is clever about the HORIZON design is that the more you use it, the more accustomed you get to the position of the disc during a day. Over time you will be able to tell the time at a glance, just by looking at the angle of the horizon. 


For our launch on Kickstarter the HORIZON will be offered in a limited run at £199 / $270, an electrifying price for those quick enough to secure a Super Early Bird.

The HORIZON campaign will go live on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

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