Kickstarter Explained

What is Kickstarter?

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter - they define themselves as the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. They're often referred to as a Crowd-Funding platform, as ultimately the funds for all projects come from people like you.

Who uses Kickstarter?

Anyone can present their project, idea or concept on Kickstarter - as long as they have prototypes in hand (that's one of Kickstarter's rules). The idea or concept is referred to as a campaign, as you're ultimately campaigning for people to back you. 

Why use Kickstarter?

Most projects are at an early stage of development and require funds to move to production. For example, here at Optik Instruments we have taken the HORIZON to prototyping phase and have proved the concept - everything has been tested thoroughly and we're now ready to commence manufacturing. 

This is where our Backers come in. Kickstarter Backers are those people who make your project a reality - they pledge funds for a specific reward giving the project the investment required to move to the next stage, and in turn, the Backer will receive their reward in due course. In our case those rewards are in the form of HORIZON watches. 

We offer our Backers big discounts on the HORIZON if they're willing to support us up front - we then deliver their reward following completion of manufacturing. You can see it in more simple terms, for our campaign at least, as a method of pre-ordering. If you back our campaign now and enjoy a generous discount - we'll make the HORIZON and ship you your watch(es) once manufacturing is complete. 

But for most Backers it isn't simply about enjoying a discount - it's about being part of the whole project. By supporting our campaign we will keep you up-to-speed with monthly updates on how things are progressing, and also offer you exclusives whenever we're able to. As without our Backers, we have no project. 

If you have any questions regarding our campaign or Kickstarter please don't hesitate to get in touch - we're here to help. Alternatively, there are some great FAQs on Kickstarter's website which can be found here.

Team Optik